Moto X: The First 12 Hours (with Photos!)

Moto X Front and Back

Ahh…the feeling of a new phone. It’s an exciting time that only comes once every three years for us Canadians (now two years), and I’m excited because I’ve made the jump from BlackBerry to Android with a Moto X. I’ve had the Moto X for about a day now, so I thought I’d share my impressions over my first day of use. Let’s get to it.

Moto X: The First 12 Hours

12 PM – Wow this phone is sleek!  There’s no SD card slot and only 16GB of memory. I’m nervous I’ll run out of space fast. And typing on this is crazy hard for me!  6 years on a physical BlackBerry keyboard has spoiled my fingers.  Time to retrain my muscle memory.

1PM – There are so many amazing apps pre-installed on the Moto X!  I can have the phone automatically read texts to me when it detects that I’m in a car, or silence my phone during calendar appointments!  Smartphone doesn’t cut it.  This is a genius phone ;).

Moto X Active Notifications

Active Notifications on Moto X

2PM – Active notifications are amazing! The phone reacts when I move it while locked and shows me relevant notifications in a low-power state.  Not to mention it’s Super AMOLED display can actually save power by turning pixels off while it does this.  Love this.

3PM – App overload!  So many apps to check out that I don’t know which to open first.  I can really see a difference now that I’m on the Rogers LTE network.  Plus, it also helps that I don’t need to restart my phone after every app install.

4PM – Twist the phone twice to turn on the camera.  So fast and so useful!  I’m loving the little tricks Motorola has baked into this phone…definitely not gimmicky features like some other Android phones are doing.

5PM – “OK Google Now,” why did I wait until now to set this up?!  The touchless controls on the Moto X are top notch.  I’ve used it to call friends, send text messages, search the web, and tell me how long the Confederation Bridge is (12,900M if you were wondering).  Amazingly useful feature.

Moto X Touchless Controls

Just say “Ok, Google Now” to activate – even when the device is locked.

6PM – The entire phone is cloud connected with Google services.  I’ve managed to put 20GB of music into the cloud with Google Play, and it comes with 50GB of free space on Google Drive for 2 years!  Should fix that space issue.  As a side note: Motorola Connect is a great Chrome Extension that works with the phone, letting me text and answer calls from my computer.  Super helpful.

7PM – About to use touchless controls to take a nap. “Okay Google Now – wake me up in 45 minutes”. This has been working flawlessly.

8PM – Nap over.  Time to do the hard stuff: transferring contacts and calendars from BlackBerry to Google.  Normally this would be easy using the included ‘Migrate’ app, but cross-platform transfers are never fun, or easy.

10PM – Done transferring all my stuff.  Everything is now seamlessly shared between Google apps in the cloud and my device.  Feels pretty good.  Google even found some duplicate contacts and offered to merge them for me.  Those are the kind of surprise and delight moments that I’m really loving about this phone.

Setting the Alarm

Setting the alarm with Touchless Controls

11PM – Had a question about the device that I couldn’t find the answer to.  Used the Moto Care app directly on the phone to instantly chat with a Motorola representative – at 11PM no less.  Pretty cool.

12AM – “Okay Google Now, wake me up in the morning.”

Overall: It’s a solid phone that really pushes for convenience over confusion, and I’m finding new things to love every time I turn it on.  There’s a big focus on productivity, and as a former BlackBerry user, that’s something I welcome with open arms.  Stay tuned for more coverage of my experience with the Moto X, and check out the gallery below for some more pictures of the device.

Big thanks to Rogers for getting me this device, as part of the Rogers Social Insiders program.

2 thoughts on “Moto X: The First 12 Hours (with Photos!)

  1. Glad to hear you’ve been enjoying the Moto X so far, Tyler!

    Typing on a touchscreen takes some adjustment, but I promise it comes much quicker than you’d expect! Can’t wait to hear more of your thoughts as time goes on!

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