Top 5 Features of the Moto X

Motorola’s flagship device, the Moto X has been my main device for the past month, and the phone’s exclusive features arguably make the Moto X the best Android phone on the market today. Read after the break to see my Top 5 Features of the Moto X.

5) Motorola Connect

Starting off the list is Motorola Connect, an awesome feature that lets me receive and respond to text messages through my computer.  I can also see who is calling and accept or reject the call directly from my desktop.  The entire system runs through a Chrome extension.  As a suggestion: I recommend that Moto X owners allow Chrome apps run in the background to ensure messages come through even when Chrome is closed.  Motorola Connect is really a great productivity tool, because it keeps me from being distracted by another device when I’m focusing on my computer writing an essay or editing a video.

4) Camera Twist

The Moto X has a nifty little feature that let’s me snap awesome pics with the flick of a wrist.  See what I did there?

Moto X Camera

The picture – taken in complete darkness!

It’s literally a feature I never knew I wanted.  Just flick your wrist twice quickly, and you’re instantly in the camera app – even if your phone was locked!  The camera quality is great and some of my friends with iPhones, even the new 5C, tell me that they love my Moto X’s camera.  Just yesterday I was at a party and the power went out briefly as I was posing for a picture with a friend.  I told the photographer to still take the photo, and though she was doubtful, the picture came out great!

3) Google Keep

Google Keep

Google Keep <3

I don’t know about you, but I’m an organization freak, constantly writing down notes, things to do, and setting reminders for myself.  If you’re like me, then you’ll love Google Keep; Google’s own note taking app (available for all Android phones).  The best part about Keep is that it integrates with Google Drive, seamlessly syncing to the web version of Keep.  This lets me view and edit my to-do list straight from my desktop browser.

My only disappointment with Google Keep is that it doesn’t integrate into Touchless Controls and Google Now.  Google Now uses its own reminder system, and it can be hard to manage with reminders when they’re stored in different places.

2) Touchless Controls

Arguably the most widely-known and promoted feature of the Moto X is Touchless Controls.  With a simple “Okay Google Now” command, the Moto X perks up and is ready to listen to any command I give it.  I’m constantly using this to set my alarms and Google the answer to arguments I’m having with my friends.  It works incredibly well, and is the #1 thing I do when showing the phone off to my friends.  It’s definitely the selling point of the Moto X.

Rather than a virtual assistant like Siri who needs to be poked with a finger to listen, Google Now let’s me yell at it from across the room – big difference!

Google Now | Moto X

Winnings bets, one Touchless Control at a time!

1) Active Notifications

For me, the number one most useful feature of the Moto X is Active Notifications. Incredibly intuitive, the feature pulses notifications at me no matter what app they came from while my phone is locked.  If I want to take action and jump into the app, I simply swipe up.  Want to dismiss the notification? Wait for it to disappear or simply swipe to the side of the screen.

The best part about Active Notifications is that whenever I pick up my phone, my notifications magically appear, as if the Moto X knows what I want to look at before I even touch the screen.  This is definitely a feature that makes the Moto X so unique.  And because the Moto X uses an AMOLED display, black pixels are actually off, draining no power from my battery when using this feature.


Overall, the Moto X is a great phone, at a great price, with intuitive features that you can’t get on any other phone.  I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new device that will help them be as productive as they can.


I received the Moto X from Rogers to review as part of the Rogers Social Insiders program.  All opinions in this article are my own.

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