dbrand Skin Review + GIVEAWAY! [UPDATE: Contest Closed]

Despite thinking I never would, I recently purchased my first ever skin for one of my gadgets – in this case the beautiful Nexus 6.  Since applying it to my phone, I’ve been getting non-stop comments from people asking how I got a new casing for a phone that doesn’t have a removable back! Well, I’ll let you in on a secret: it’s from the awesome folks at dbrand (a Toronto company no less!). Keep reading for my review of the skin, plus a chance to win your own!

I was a bit skeptical when I heard about the phone skin craze, mostly because I like my phones naked, that is, without a case or even a screen protector.  Yes, it might lead to my phone getting more than a few bumps and scrapes, but I prefer the natural feel of the phone in my hand – the way it was meant to be used.  However, since getting my skin, all that has changed.  The dbrand skins are made from high quality adhesives with a really nice feel to them.  Because they are laser-cut to fit your phone exactly, you barely notice that they’re there.  It’s honestly the perfect compromise for someone like me who doesn’t want to add bulk to their device.

For my skin, I had the choice of multiple materials, but I went with the mahogany look.  I was surprised when the actual skin had ridges in it, mimicking the feel of real wood.  I also got to choose how the ‘Nexus’ lettering on the back of the device showed up (the whole word, just the ‘X’, or not at all).  It was a really fun experience customizing the skin and it was an even better deal when I saw the cost of it all was only $10.  At first I found that the edges of the skin were a bit rough and felt sharp on my hand , but I found that this goes away after a few days and the feeling of the skin becomes natural.

I took some wood-themed photos of the skin and my Nexus 6, which you can see below.  PLUS, our friends at dbrand have been generous enough to sponsor a giveaway for a free skin for one lucky reader.  Be sure to follow the instructions below to enter!  Contest is open to residents of the United States and Canada. For full rules and regs, please see here.

FREE dbrand Skin of Your Choice!

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