BlackBerry Priv Review

BlackBerry Priv

It’s no secret that I used to be a huge BlackBerry fan.  My first post on this site was about the Waterloo-based company, and at my university graduation, my classmates awarded me the “Most Likely to be the Last BlackBerry User on Earth” award.  For real.  But shortly after that, I was tempted by the apps and hardware of Android, and jumped ship.  It’s been two years since, and with the release of the BlackBerry Priv, the best of BlackBerry is now on Android.  So does it do the job? Continue reading


Thoughts from a (Slightly Depressed) BlackBerry Addict

Declining BlackBerry Stock Price

Well, the time has come, my beloved BlackBerry is in decline and everyone around me seems to think that the company formerly known as RIM has absolutely no place in the smartphone market of the future.  I disagree, though instinctually, something inside me believes them somewhat.  Most of my thoughts are those of support for the company; whether it’s the unified inbox (or Hub), buttery smooth UI, and arguably the world’s best touchscreen keyboard, BlackBerry is designed for productivity.

The Verge posted an article today about the fate of BlackBerry’s most beloved fans.  In that piece, one section stood out to me as the core reason I admire BlackBerry so much, something I find hard to put into words when I’m frequently on the attack from Android and iOS users.  The article states:

For users trained on iOS and Android, the appeal may be hard to pin down, but BlackBerry fans point to a unique design ethos that hasn’t caught on with the rest of the market: an emphasis on speed over graphics and tactile touch over the blank slate of a touchscreen. A number of users proudly told me they could navigate their phones blindfolded.

That says it all for me.  Whatever the fate of BlackBerry over the coming months, I only hope that the company’s focus on design and productivity focus creep their way into the rest of the market, because living without these little design quirks on another platform will be a painful experience, at least for me.